Governing council

The Role of the Governing Council is to provide advice and to frame policies. The composition of a Governing Council comprises of the following members



Chief Secretary




Principal Secretary/Commissioner & Secretary Planning Department, Government of Meghalaya



1.  Principal Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya, Environment & Forest

2. Principal Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya, Agriculture

3. Representatives of Department of Bio-Technology, Government of India

4. Representatives of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India                

5. Scientist In-Charge, Botanical Survey of India, Eastern Circle, Shillong

6. Dean Life Science NEHU, Shillong

7. Director, Indian Council of Agricultural research, NEH Complex, Umiam

The frequency of the Meeting of the Governing Council is once in a year. In case of urgency the meeting may be held than once in a year. The Minutes of the Governing Council Meeting are documented.


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