The Centre has been able to achieve the set goals and objectives in line with its mission and mandate. Apart from the various activities undertaken at community/ village/ farmers’ fields, the Centre has provided trainings and capacity building and internship programmes to students from various educational institutions.  The key activities/ initiatives pursued by the Centre are as follows:

1. Promotion of Sustainable Green Technologies for Improved Crop Productivity, Soil and Environmental Health.

Hands-On Demonstration on Composting

Berkely Hot Composting

On-Farm production of Vermi-Wash

Organic Growth Promoter & Broad spectrum Bio-Pesticides

Hands On Demonstration On Vertical Farming Technology

Hands On Demonstration On Integrated Pest Management

2. Action Research

3. Field Trials And Experiments on Inputs and Bio-inoculants

4. Establishment of Demonstration Units/Micro-Biotech Parks at Experimental Farms

5.Giving Back to Nature Programme

6. Micropropagation of indigenous orchids  

7. Establishment of Community Orchid Parks and Sanctuaries.

8. Documentation of Traditional Knowledge and Practices

9.Promotion of the Indigenous System of Medicine

10.Dehydrated Floral Craft Technology for rural livelihood promotion among women.

11. Promoting Cultivation of High Value Crops


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