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Promoting Dehydrated Floral Crafts Enterprise for Livelihood Promotion among women

Under the aegis of the Integrated Basin Development and Livelihood Promotion Programme (IBDLP), the CSIR – NBRI, Lucknow in collaboration with Meghalaya Basin Development Authority (MBDA) and Bio Resource Development Centre (BRDC) have introduced Dehydrated Floral Craft (DFC) Technology so as to empower Women Entrepreneurs to produce DFC products. Diverse products depicting our rich Natural Resources developed by these Rural Artisans would address critical gaps related to availability of articles representing our Cultural Heritage.

This technology, therefore, will provide additional income generation for Rural Entrepreneurs by opening up employment opportunities for the rural women in particular and the State as a whole. It is also one of the effective ways to ensure the protection of the mega diversity of Meghalaya for sustainable utilization of the rich bio-resources while permitting the economic development of the region. It is a major step towards resource enhancement and economic development especially for rural women empowerment.


Trainings Conducted:

  • 1st Training- Basic methods of drying and craft making. 19-20th July, 2013. Products- Greeting Cards, Landscape, 3D crafts.
  • 2nd Training- Advanced training on product making, 19-23rd August, 2013. Products- Greeting Cards, Landscapes, Slip Boxes, Pen Stands.
  • 3rd Training- Products diversification, Paper products, Business Plan & Accounting, 28-30th October, 2014. Products-Greeting Cards, Slip Boxes, Pen Stands, Carry bags, Frames.
  • 4th Training- Management and Skill Development Programme:

a)Khasi & Jaintia Hills: 15-18th September, 2015 (BRDC)

b)Garo Hills: 20-23rd September, 2015 (Tura)

Products- Greeting Cards, Carry bags, Slip boxes, Gift boxes, folders, Note pads, Lamp shades, Candles, Rolled paper frames & Pen stands.

  • No. of Entrepreneurs Promoted: A total of 114 women entrepreneurs from across the State have been trained and adopted this technology as an additional income generating opportunity.
  • Infrastructure provided: Customized Solar Dryers, funded by the Deptt. Of C&RD have been distributed to 30 Clusters on 24th April, 2014. These Solar dryers were provided to the entrepreneurs in order to enhance quality and production.
  • Marketing Partners: In an effort to facilitate marketing of these DFC Products, the Centre had ventured to collaborate with the following potential partners for designs and marketing:

a)Institutions: Tamrapatra, Dehradun; Asian Confluence, Shillong; and Zizira, Shillong.

b)Outlets: Hallmark & Archies Galleries, Shillong; Gifts Emporium; etc

  • Marketed Products: Over 20,000 products, including Greeting Cards, Frames, Carry Bags, Pen Stands, Slip Boxes have been sold (Through MBDA, Exhibitions, Market Partners, etc) generating an income of about Rs. 3.00 Lakh.

(Photos of DFC Products)