Hands On Demonstration On Vertical Farming Technology

To promote cultivation/production of green leafy vegetables in urban areas as well as those areas where availability of cultivable land is the main constraint, the Centre have adopted a simple and low cost technology known as vertical farming technology using locally available materials such as gunny bag, bamboo, etc. which takes minimal space. Hands on demonstration have been provided to 14 villages from EKH, WKH, SWKH, EJH, WJH WGH, SWGH and NGH Districts in which about 400 farmers have been trained.
Apart from the above mentioned villages, the technology has been popularized among school students. Training programmes were conducted in collaboration with the District Basin Development Units and EFCs in Lawsiken Secondary School, Larem; Nongsynrieh village, SWKH; St Michael Higher Secondary School, Umsning; Pine Brook School, Umbang; Umsning Presbyterian Higher Secondary School, Umsning; Alpha Secondary School, Pahamsyiem, Umling; Morningstar Higher Secondary School, Nongpoh, Ri-Bhoi District and Mulum  Lower Primary School, Laskein, WJH.

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