Training To Registered Local Groups

As part of the responsibility of the Centre as a Regional Council, the Centre conducts training from time to time to capacitate the Local Groups in organic farming and sustainable agricultural green technologies. Disseminating of customized and affordable green technologies will provide the required knowledge to the farming communities on integrated conservation technologies, green inputs production and management practices to address sustained productivity, improved soil health, promotion of indigenous/ traditional crops biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

Trainings on the following technologies are given to the registered Local Group Member:

1. Composting

  • Vermi-compost
  • NADEP compost
  • Non-Soil compost
  • Berkley 18 days hot compost

2. Integrated Pest Management

  • Yellow Sticky trap
  • Bait trap
  • Pheromone trap
  • Light trap

3. Non-Chemical Pest Management Practices

  • Broad spectrum
  • Chili, garlic and ginger mixture
  • Neemastra, Agniastra and Dashparni Extract

4. Nutrient Management

  • Organic growth promoter

5. Vertical farming

6. Energy pillar technology

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